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Tajine Cooking at Sahara Restaurant

Sahara and Special Nights!

Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Why not celebrate at Sahara Restaurant! We are happy to make your special night even more fun. Inquire about how we can enhance your celebration featuring one of our lovely Belly Dancers! This weekend we have the provocative Sonia entertaining at 7:00 and 7:30 PM.  

Our Tajine recipes are always available on Friday and Saturday nights! If you have never enjoyed Tajine cookery, it is a generations-old method of Morroccan food slow cooking in a “Tajine” dish. Our family has been making Tajines for hundreds of years in Morocco. Tajines are traditionally made for special occasions and served to friends and royalty.  Come in for the royal treatment at Sahara Restaurant this weekend!

For reservations call 303-790-4707 or log onto