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Authentic Mediterranean food & Belly Dancing in Denver!

This week at Sahara we have the lovely Taka performing a Denver belly dancing performance on Saturday the 14th.  Taka will mesmerize you with her skillful movements and generations' old rendition to this sacred art of belly dancing.  The origin of the name ‘belly dance’ comes from the French Danse du ventre, which translates as “dance of the stomach”.

Belly dance is also often referred to as “oriental dance” and also sometimes "raks sharqi." This is Arabic for “Dance of the East”. The type and style of dancing which we now call belly dance, can be traced back over 6000 plus years. The early pagan communities often worshipped a matriarchal deity and extolled the magic and fascination of the ability of women to create life. 

Let us feed your senses at Sahara with all of our wonders - from-scratch tagines and Denver belly dancing! We hope to see you soon at Sahara!