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Mediterranean Hospitality Can't Be Beaten - Come into Sahara this Weekend!

We pride ourselves on providing a truly unique and welcoming experince for our customers and we couldn't be more pleased than when we receive positive feedback.  The following is a customer comment that was sent to us via email:

“First of all, it’s quite possible that we’ve never been smiled at so much in our lives.  The entire staff was quite friendly to us.  We felt like we were being welcomed into their home.  
As we sampled the various food offerings at Sahara Restaurant we really began to appreciate the food and the culture.  Even though we have extensive knowledge and experience with food, neither of us has ever been to Sahara before and with limited experience with middle- eastern cuisine.  We are happy that we stepped out of the realm of our weekly dining out regiment and decided to sample Sahara’s wonderfully magnificent cuisine.  We are confident that because of our food experience at Sahara we believe others own adventure with Sahara will be well above expectations and delight.
—Matt Daniel”

We are very humbled by these comments and we invite you to come in and enjoy our unique and delicous Moroccan food experience in Denver.  Our food and service cannot be beaten and we can't wait to wow you with our Mediterranean and Moroccan food and hospitality.  Don't forget no meal is complete without enjoying or sharing our homemade Baklava, it is simply the best!