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Friday & Saturday Tagine Specials

Tagines in Moroccan cuisine are slow-cooked stews braised at low temperatures, resulting in tender meat with aromatic vegetables and sauce. Here at Sahara, all of our Tagine dishes are cooked in the Tagine pot. This method of cookery dates back centuries and Tagine is a Moroccan favorite and is a time honored tradition of proud Moroccan host/hostess to share with great friends and family.

With these traditions we are proud to serve you these flavorful and unique cooking dishes where the meat falls of the bone and the flavors offer an exquisite eating experience you will long remember. Fresh is key to every Tagine dish and thus we offer up to four distinct Tagine dishes each Friday and Saturday evening. Your server will let you know which Tagine specials we are featuring this evening. Our Tagine dishes are accompanied with Saffron rice and warm pita bread. All of our Tagine specials are Gluten Free without pita.  GF = Gluten Free.

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Lamb Tagine Specialties

Apricot Lamb Tagine
Succulent Lamb shank braised in a gentle ginger saffron sauce surrounded by apricots; garnished with almonds.  
GF  $23

Lamb Tagine with Plums
Succulent Lamb shank simmered with plums in a sweet onion saffron sauce; garnished with sesame seeds.    
GF  $23


Cornish Game Hen Tagine
Cornish Game Hen Tagine “M’shrmel” that is delicately simmered in ginger sauce with Rass El Hannut (32 Aromatic Spices Prepared By our Chef), served in a savory Moroccan sauce with Saffron rice.           
GF $ 23
Chicken Tagine
Fresh Colorado Red Bird Farms Chicken, slowly cooked with fresh onions and garlic in a ginger saffron sauce, garnished with house made preserved lemon and Kalamata olives.          
GF $20

Seafood & Fish Tagines

Salmon Tagine
Fresh Atlantic salmon filet marinated in our special Moroccan sauce cooked with fresh julienne  vegetables and garnished with our own house made preserved lemon.   
GF  $20

Tilapia Tagine
Tilapia filet slowly cooked in a fresh garlic tomato sauce, house made preserved lemon with Kalamata olives. Served over a bed of baked julienne roasted vegetables and Saffron rice on the side.  
GF  $22

Orange Roughy Tagine
Orange Roughy fillet cooked in a garlic tomato sauce, house made preserved lemon and Kalamata olives. Served over a bed of baked julienne roasted vegetables and Saffron rice on the side.
GF  $22
Shrimp & Scallops Tagine
Large Shrimp and Sea Scallps slowly cooked in our own house made “Charmoula” sauce with fresh Tomato, Green Bell Pepper, Onions & Fresh Garlic; served with saffron rice on the side.
GF  $ 23